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Kristin Slater

Romance, Suspense and a Splash of Passion

My passion is providing a unique reading experience whether I'm crafting a novel or sharing a real life tidbit in an article.  I want to share stories, all sorts of stories from all different types of people and characters who live and love.

My first writing love is romance, all things romance, but especially historical fiction.  It's that perfect blend of history and love that makes for a perfect day curled up with a good book.

I write a community column for a local newspaper, the Holland Sentinel, in it I share real stories of people who struggle to make ends meet while working and living near the shore of Lake Michigan in a community that is known as "The Jewel of the Midwest" but whose success as a city hasn't spread equally to all of its citizens.  Read their stories in the Newspaper Column Links from the menu above.

Check out some of my published short stories on the Short Story Links page.  Clicking the link will bring you to the publisher's website. 

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